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PPC Advertising

Your Business

Your Customers

Put Your Product/Service Directly in front of Your customers

Why are Google Ads & Microsoft Ads so successful? It’s simple! They put your business in front of customers right as they are searching for your products or services. Our job is to place your name at the top of Google/Bing at the lowest possible cost.

Why Use PPC Advertising?

  • 3.5 Billion Google Searches per day. 
  • 90% of searchers never click to page 2. 
  • Highly Measurable ROI.
  • Target specific demographics, groups and locations. 
  • Generate Fast & Transparent Results. 

Our Exclusive Guarantee

  • Rise to the top of Google or don’t pay us. 
  • First page of Google within 24 hours.
  • First ad on Google 30% of the time when shown. 
  • No Hidden Fees. 
  • Same Day Call Back.
  • No penalties for cancellation.
  • Pay Google Directly, no additional markups. 
  • Exclusivity by territory.
  • Call us on Saturdays. 
  • Transparent Pricing. 
  • No Contracts.
  • You Own Your Google Ads Account.

Your Customers Are Using Google To Find Your Products & Services and to learn about you before they call.

Where to you look to find a service in your area?
Use Google Search 91%
Where do you begin your research to obtain information about legal matters?
Use Google Search 78%
How to you find ideas for an upcoming home project?
Use Google Search 87%
How do you research a medical need?
Use Google Search 81%
How do you investigate a businesses reputation?
Use Google Search 95%

How Does It Work?

Well that part is simple.  Once you decide to start a campaign with Internet Ad Pros you can leave all the work to us.  We will build your campaign custom to your business needs and implement all the best practices to make the campaign as effective as possible.  We use a combination of proven tools and analytics to craft a campaign that is tailored specifically for you.